PC Master Rant

Monday, 9 May 2016

PC Master Rant Edition 1

For people looking for a cheap way into the PC Master Race, here is a ghetto gaming rig that I put together:

CPU: i5-750 $80 (eBay)
Motherboard: H55M-E33 MSI $110 (eBay)
GPU: MSI AMD Radeon R7 360 $165 (Umart)
RAM: 8GB DDR3 G.Skill F3 1333MHz $59 (Computer Alliance)
HDD: WD Blue 1TB $67 (Umart)
Case: CoolerMaster RC342 $45 (Umart)
PSU: 550W Cougar STX $75 (Umart)

Total: $601

With the performance of the GPU however, settings must be lowered down. Optimization in AMD’s Gaming Evolved app is recommended.

Linus Tech Tips’ hilarious take on a dystopian future (in which Donald Trump is elected president) themed PC build:
Features extensively on the amazing Donald Trump Wall.

Poster from 3dfx, leading GPU manufacturer in the 90’s

Absolutely wrecking console owners everywhere. 3dfx, we salute you.
Unfortunately, 3dfx was later acquired by nVidia, so no more of these awesome posters ever made it to the streets.

AMD Radeon Polaris 10/11 GPUs boast nearly as much performance as a 980 Ti for $388 AUD.
AMD’s new Polaris 10 and 11 GPUs (R9 470, 470X 480, 480X, 490, 490X etc.) boast similar performance to an nVidia GTX 980 Ti but at $388! Nice work, AMD!

They are set to be released as early as next month (June) and if the rumours are true, should be a must have for upgraders and new system builders looking for an excellent price per performance sweet spot. I also predict that if the performance is similar to a 980 Ti, the prices of nVidia’s GPUs will drop significantly.

Old Operating Systems: Mac OS X Tiger
Mac OS X Tiger introduced several new features that would shape the computing world to date. Here is a list:

Spotlight – Quick Search feature (later introduced to Vista, in the form of the Start menu).

Intel CPU Support – Mac OS X for the first time fully supported on x64 and x86 Intel Processors (also started the OSx86 project, of which I am a member).

First Safari RSS Build – Apple’s Safari browser was included first in Mac OS X Panther and would later also be released to Windows. At the time, it was faster than Google Chrome, Firefox and of course, IE.

iChat (aka iMessage in OS X 10.8+) – Apple’s first steps towards multi-platform messaging in the shape of iMessage.

Core Image and Core Video – Advanced (for the time) image and video frameworks utilized similar to OpenGL (but a lot older).

Releases: 10.4.0 – 10.4.11
Mac OS X Tiger Screenshot.

Also, my signature is now in Comic Sans.

Best Regards,

-        Matt

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