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Monday, 9 May 2016

PC Master Rant Edition 2

Hey everyone, welcome to the PC Master Race News Edition 2.
In this version there will be a clear structure:
Tech Rumours;
Console Bashing;
Old OS review;
World’s most useless tech;
My epic sign off (in comic sans).

Right to it, then.

Tech Rumours:
nVidia Pascal GPUs to feature GDDR5X Memory.
nVidia’s new Pascal GPUs will feature GDDR5X memory, according to rumours. GDDR5X memory has twice the data prefetch rate to standard GDDR5 and will have a total bandwith of 448GB/s on a 256bit bus. It will be interesting to see how the new Pascal GPUs face up to the Radeon Polaris 10/11 series from AMD.

Some people are sceptical that nVidia’s Pascal will come to the market soon, however:

 This image has been seen circulating the forums.

iPhone 7 Is to not have a 3.5mm headphone jack.
Apple’s iPhone 7 is rumoured to not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. All connections are supposedly going to be conducted through the thunderbolt port at the bottom of the phone. Their reason for this is to make the phone ‘thinner’. There will be a lot of criticism for this decision, as cutting down on I/O didn’t go to well for apple in the past (take a look at the 2015 MacBook for a reference). Time to switch to Android? Or will Apple stop cutting down on useful I/O in the pursuit of ‘thin-nes’?

Console Bashing:

Photo Credit: Green Ham Gaming

Mid-Range GPU from 2009 is better than the ‘next generation’ components in the Xbox-One. Fail. Well done HIS. Your take on the ATi Radeon HD 5770 in 2009 is better than the Xbox One in 2015.

Old OS: Mac OS X Panther (2003)
Mac OS X Panther. Arguably more innovative than Mac OS X Tiger (see last week’s email).

Features include:

Expose: Now known as ‘Mission Control’ in Mac OS X Lion and above. Allows the user to see all windows running on the computer. Known as ‘Task View’ in Windows 10.

Finder: Updated UI.

Fast User Switching: Allows switching of users by pressing a button in the menu bar.

TextEdit: Compatibility with Microsoft Word (.doc) documents.

iChat AV: Allows video chat with other people running Mac OS X.

FileVault: First encryption used for encrypting the user’s files on Mac OS X.

 Screenshot of Panther. Note the brushed metal UI instead of the traditional pin-stripes.

World’s Most Useless Tech:

Apple Watch:
This piece of junk will do only what your smartphone will do. For an extra $300. Seriously Apple? You can’t buy it as a stand-alone component, you need an iPhone to run it too? It’s madness. You need to recharge it every day. My watch will do 14 years without me needing a recharge! My phone will do 4 days without needing a recharge! The only thing the Apple Watch does is save you 1 second of time in which you would’ve got out your phone. Are they crazy?

Rant Over.

Best Regards,

-        Matt

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